July 17,2023

Steam elimination mist eliminator, laminar cooling mist eliminator for hot rolling production line

Industry  Dehumidifier_890 Series

In waste gas treatment processes, mist eliminators are often used to remove dust and water mist from the gas phase.

However, conventional mist eliminators have poor defogging effect, high energy consumption, large equipment volume, and short service life Therefore, there is an urgent need to design a more practical defogging device to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment

Here is an efficient, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving steam/water mist elimination device.

The PD-300D steam elimination demister and the PD series steam condensation demister

include the steam/water mist suction section, condensation section, and discharge section.


When a large amount of steam/water mist passes through the condensation section,

can be quickly cooled and condensed into liquid water.

The collection and elimination effect of steam/water mist is very significant.

The elimination speed of steam/water mist through the high-pressure centrifugal fan can be 1.2m/s or above,

and it can recover about 90% of the waste heat in the steam/water mist and produce fresh water at the same time The advantages of

are flexible operation, high defogging efficiency, and no impact on equipment maintenance.

It can reduce equipment rust and electrical accidents caused by humid workshop air.

Compared to traditional natural ventilation methods,

directly discharging steam/water mist into the air

not only saves a lot of freshwater resources, but also effectively improves work efficiency.


It also improves personnel safety

have been widely used in factories or enterprises, and

have been exported to both domestic and foreign markets, receiving unanimous praise from customers