January 16,2023

Printing industry humidifier, automatic humidification with one setting

Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

For the printing industry humidifying machine, the automatic humidifying technology is set at a time. The first thing any printing factory should pay attention to is the quality of the printed products. However, there are many factors that affect the printing quality in the entire production and processing process, such as equipment, technology, staff proficiency, raw materials, etc; In recent years, the relative humidity of the air in the printing workshop has also had a great impact on the quality of printed materials. Many printing workshops have chosen to install industrial humidifiers to control humidity and improve the printing quality

Most printing papers have high moisture absorption, which means that they will lose moisture quickly when exposed to dry air. Generally, single sheet paper and web paper are produced and packaged, and the relative air humidity is generally balanced at 50 ± 5% RH. When the ambient humidity is below this level, water will drain from the exposed surface to the environment, thus changing its shape, size and physical properties. When the relative humidity is below 40%, the movement on paper and other surfaces will generate static electricity, which will attract dust and make it difficult to handle

In hot summer and cold winter, even in temperate climate, the relative humidity can drop below 20% RH, which is the most obvious problem. When removing the protective film or paper from the plate making, if the relative humidity drops below 40% RH, static charges will be generated. This will attract dust and sand to the original flawless surface, making operation difficult and generating sparks. This can be prevented by keeping 45% RH

A dry printing shop means that the edges of unwrapped paper will lose moisture quickly. When the paper passes between the blanket cylinder and the embossing cylinder, the edges will be tight, causing the paper to curl, leading to paper feeding errors, alignment, double counting and wrinkling. Due to the accumulation of static electricity, paper jam errors will also occur, which will also lead to stacking difficulties. Printing works waiting for another pass continue to change, and registration error is a special problem

In dry air, due to static electricity, the paper transferred to the finishing process will stick and wrinkle, and the paper will crack at the fold. The effect of dry air can be so severe that printing stops completely. If used in the printing shop_ The printing industry humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier can fundamentally solve these problems by scientific and reasonable humidification and keeping the relative humidity within the most appropriate range of 50% - 60% RH

Generally, the temperature of the printing plant workshop is 20~22 ℃, and the relative humidity is 45~60% RH; At present, some excellent domestic printing enterprises have not only adopted reasonable temperature and humidity control for the printing workshop, but also made strict requirements for the temperature and humidity of the paper warehouse: 18~20 ℃, 60~65% RH, to ensure that the paper has enough moisture content before entering the printing workshop and eliminate the hidden danger of paper deformation

  _ The printing industry humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier products use the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation, which is the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation atomization, atomizing water to 1-5 μ M of ultra fine particles, through the pneumatic device, the water mist is diffused into the air, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform spray humidification; With air humidification, purification, anti-static and dust prevention, cooling, dust reduction and other purposes

Compared with humidifiers of other humidification methods, humidifiers have the remarkable advantages of [fine atomized particles], [low energy consumption], [high atomization energy efficiency], and [fast humidification speed]. It can not only uniformly humidify large space, but also compensate local humidity in special space, with high flexibility. Welcome to inquire about the details of automatic humidification of the printing industry humidifier

1. Keep a certain humidity to make the printing more uniform

2. Prevent paper powder adhesion caused by static electricity

3. Protect the printing machine from static electricity or damage due to drying

4. Prevent the paper from curling and deformation during the printing process, resulting in ruffles

5. Increase the water content of the paper, so that the paper is not easy to deform and become brittle, and the printing is accurate

  _ Control mode of printing industry humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier, technical parameters:

product model -------------- humidification capacity ---- power (220V) ---- host size ---- mist outlet

ZS-10/ZS-10Z -------------- 3kg/h ---- 200 (w) ---- 530 × two hundred and fifty × 400(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-20/ZS-20Z-----------6kg/h----400(w)---530 × two hundred and fifty × 400(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-30/ZS-30Z-----------9kg/h----600(w)---630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  _/_----------- 12kg/h---700(w)---630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-60/ZS-60Z-----------18kg/h---1050(w)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎2 × 110mm

  ZS-80/ZS-80Z-----------24kg/h---1200(w)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎2 × 110mm

  ZS-100/ZS-100Z--------30kg/h---1400(w)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎3 × 110mm

  ZS-F3600/ZS-F3600Z--36kg/h---1550(w)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎3 × 110mm

  ZS-F4200/ZS-F4200Z--42kg/h---1750(w)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎4 × 110mm

  ZS-F4800/ZS-F4800Z--48kg/h---2100(w)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎4 × 110mm

[Industrial humidifier leasing business] provides flexible leasing schemes to meet customers' short-term and long-term leasing requirements

[Industrial Humidifier Rental Charge] can be priced according to the rental model, rental quantity and rental days

◎ Model selection reference: there are many factors to be considered in the selection of humidifiers, such as the volume of indoor space, ambient temperature, equipment heat, ventilation, and air conditioning exhaust, which will affect the humidity of the indoor environment and the humidification effect. Generally, a certain margin should be left when calculating the humidification amount, that is, the corresponding humidification amount should be increased, Moreover, it is necessary to comprehensively calculate the required humidification amount and corresponding humidifier model in the space from low humidity humidification to ideal humidity range

To sum up, for the specific impact of low humidity in the printing workshop, first, it causes paper deformation, tight edges, unable to perform normal printing, and also causes waste; The second workshop has serious static electricity, causing paper adhesion, inaccurate overprint and waste of materials. It can be seen that the change of humidity in the printing workshop of the printing factory is a key factor affecting the printing quality. The appropriate industrial humidifier should be selected to control the change of humidity, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing production and quality

Application_ After the printing industry humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier regulate the humidity of the printing workshop, the dust and static electricity in the workshop are eliminated, so that the paper can be fully replenished with moisture, and there will be no static electricity, which can well avoid inaccurate overprint and paper curling. Humidity control is critical to maintaining quality and productivity at all stages of production

  _ The printing industry humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier have the advantages of large spray volume, wide humidification range, high intelligence, stable operation, low noise, environmental protection and energy saving. It has the functions of humidifying, cooling, dedusting, purifying the air, eliminating and preventing static electricity, and improving the environment in the workshop. It can not only meet the needs of humidity control in the printing workshop, but also has good humidifying effects in textile, electronics, paper making, food, laboratories and other industries. All the above news reports about the printing industry humidifier, which is set automatically at one time, are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only