The school is about to start, and the spray sterilizer helps the school prevent epidemics

It is known that since the outbreak of the epidemic in China, the opening date of major, middle and primary schools and kindergartens across the country has been postponed. The emotions of teachers, p...

It is known that since the outbreak of the epidemic in China, the opening date of major, middle and primary schools and kindergartens across the country has been postponed. The emotions of teachers, parents and students have also become increasingly tense and anxious. However, there is a common recognition that the school is getting closer. Therefore, it is an inevitable requirement for schools to disinfect in advance during the period before school starts in all major, middle, primary schools and kindergartens across the country, and no negligence is allowed

1、 The school disinfects in advance, which is not only the requirement of the superior, but also the requirement of the system. In the stage of epidemic prevention and control, the education authorities in various regions will convey various measures and requirements for epidemic prevention and control level by level through some intensive policies and documents. With the approaching of the school opening date, the education departments around the country have also started to issue documents to enable schools to start preparing for various work requirements before the school starts. For example, the health report of students at home, the preparation for the first class, the management system of school entrance and exit personnel, the emergency plan for major public safety of the school, the management system for students' activities between classes, the fire protection system for restaurants, dormitories and classrooms, etc. Among them, campus disinfection in advance is also one of the requirements of the education department for schools. Only when the school has prepared all the work in advance, can teachers and students go to work and go to school with peace of mind

2、 The school is about to start, and the campus is disinfected in advance, which can prevent problems before they happen. After a holiday, a lot of dust has been accumulated in classrooms, offices, restaurants, dormitories, etc. Disinfection in advance can kill a large number of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms, as well as mice, cockroaches and other organisms harmful to students' health. If this work is done well enough, it can ensure that the majority of teachers and students have a good learning and living environment at the beginning and after school. At the same time, carrying out many disinfection activities before the school starts can also enable the disinfection personnel to accumulate rich disinfection experience, which is convenient for improving the disinfection efficiency and disinfection effect of various places in the school after the school starts

3、 School disinfection in advance can eliminate the concerns of teachers, students and parents. COVID-19 is highly infectious and has a wide range of transmission routes. In addition, schools are public places with a high concentration of people. Therefore, it can be predicted that at the beginning of school, there will certainly be some parents and students who are skeptical or even negative about school. This will bring a lot of inconvenience to the management of the school. If parents and students can know in advance that the school has not only carried out many comprehensive disinfections in advance, but also formulated various sound prevention and control systems, they can quickly ease or even eliminate the anxiety of parents and students, thus providing convenience for the normal education and teaching work of the school

Doing well the school epidemic prevention and disinfection work in advance is related to the health and safety of every teacher and student, the health and safety of the school environment, and is a strong guarantee for the smooth development of the school's work. All universities, middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens will normalize the disinfection work on campus, so as to leave no dead corners and blind areas, and strive to create a safe and healthy campus environment, so as to escort teachers and students to return to campus as soon as possible to start school life. In general, indoor space and air disinfection are generally carried out by ultraviolet ray, spray and ozone. However, ultraviolet ray and ozone are harmful to human health; So now we usually use professional spray disinfection equipment--_ School epidemic prevention spray disinfection machine and XD series mobile atomization disinfection machine are used for spray disinfection:

[Intelligent Disinfection] The equipment adopts a manual and automatic control mode. It can be intelligently disinfected by connecting with the infrared induction device. It can distinguish the direction of entry and exit of personnel, so that every person can be disinfected without letting go of every person entering the site; The operation life of the equipment is increased while the cost is saved

[Large amount of spray] The equipment has a large amount of spray, which can produce a large amount of disinfection fog in a short time, and can diffuse to all corners of the disinfection room in a short time, to meet the disinfection needs of large area and short time

[Fine fog particles] The ultrasonic atomization principle adopted by the product enables the disinfection fog produced by the product to reach the micron level, and the fog drops comprehensively and stereoscopically wrap the disinfected objects, making the disinfection of pedestrians more comfortable and 360 ° all-round disinfection without dead corners

[Simple operation] The equipment is easy to operate without training and understanding the principle of the equipment. There is no technical threshold requirement. After adding the concentrated solution for disinfection and odor removal once, spray disinfection is automatically completed without care for half a month or one month

  _ The school epidemic prevention spray disinfection machine and XD series mobile atomization disinfection machine do not need to connect the water pipe. Put the pure water bucket (18.9L) on the liquid supply, which can be used for mobile spray disinfection. It is a new generation of energy-saving, efficient, clean and sanitary air disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and dust reduction and cooling equipment. Once launched, it was immediately popularized in many fields, and became the only choice to replace many spray disinfection types such as high-pressure spray disinfection machine, air-water mixing disinfection machine, centrifugal mobile disinfection machine, etc! Welcome to inquire about the details of spray disinfector's help in school epidemic prevention at the beginning of school

  _ The atomization amount and control mode of school epidemic prevention spray sterilizer and XD series mobile atomization sterilizer:

The school is about to start, and the spray sterilizer helps the school prevent epidemics

※ Use of personnel disinfection channel_ How about the effect of school epidemic prevention spray disinfection machine and XD series mobile atomization disinfection machine? I believe this is a problem that many consumers will care about. Here is a brief introduction:

◎ Personnel disinfection channel can quickly kill foreign viruses and bacteria carried by human body, and block the transmission of foreign diseases

◎ Good atomization effect, cross fog flow in multiple directions, comprehensive coverage, strong adhesion, significant disinfection and sterilization effects, and high efficiency

◎ The general disinfection channel can be completely diffused within 30 seconds. The disinfection time is only 5-15 seconds, which is not harmful to human health and is safer to use

◎ The disinfection scope is comprehensive and the whole body is thoroughly disinfected, which can effectively isolate the source of infection and reduce the harm caused by viruses and germs; No hidden danger of disinfection is left

To sum up, epidemic prevention should not be sloppy when school starts. Disinfection in advance before school starts and daily disinfection after school starts must be a part of the school's work in the future and must be adhered to for a long time. In order to effectively prevent the harm caused by the COVID-19 and effectively ensure the health and life safety of teachers and students, all universities should start the epidemic prevention and control plan in advance, establish campus epidemic prevention and disinfection teams, and carry out campus disinfection and epidemic prevention work in an all-round way. We should comprehensively clean and disinfect the campus, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and comprehensively implement the disinfection, epidemic prevention and cleaning of the campus environment. All personnel entering the school must be disinfected before entering the school. Disinfectants shall disinfect and prevent epidemics in public places such as school teaching buildings, offices, dormitories and toilets one by one, focusing on intensive disinfection in key areas such as classrooms, restaurants and dormitories. Full coverage disinfection once a day has strengthened the defense line of campus health and safety, and resolutely put an end to the emergence of COVID-19 virus in schools

In the old disinfection methods, the disinfection staff carried small spray pots or carried more than 10 kg of spray to spray disinfectant for disinfection. The disinfection effect is poor, but it also takes a lot of time, effort and disinfectant, which greatly increases the cost of school disinfection. It has delayed the improvement of the disinfection efficiency of the school. The school uses_ The school epidemic prevention spray disinfection machine and XD series mobile atomization disinfection machine can bring better disinfection effect, and carry out comprehensive spray disinfection of the air and object surface in the dormitory, dormitory, office, classroom, corridor and other environments. All the above information about spray disinfectors helping schools prevent epidemics is provided by electrical appliances for your reference