June 17,2023

Dried fish drying dehumidifier is essential for dehumidification of dried fish drying room

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Dried fish dryer and dehumidifier, indispensable news for drying fish drying room: Dried fish tastes delicious and has a special flavor, which is a kind of leisure food and delicious food that many people like; Dried fish is delicious, but the process of its production and processing is not easy: fresh fish → slaughtering (evisceration and gill removal) → washing → salting → drying or drying; Especially if the drying or drying process is not well done, the appearance and taste of dried fish will be greatly reduced! Generally, the water content of fresh fish is about 70% - 80%, and the maximum water content of dried raw fish shall not be higher than 25%; The maximum water content of salted dried fish shall not be higher than 40%, and the dry and hard ones are preferred during visual inspection

water content is one of the important indexes to determine the quality of dried fish; Sometimes, if the water content exceeds or is insufficient, it will directly affect the quality, appearance and taste of dried fish, and is not conducive to storage safety. Therefore, selecting a reasonable drying or drying process and equipment is a crucial link for the production of various dried fish! Traditional technology is to use the sun to dry; Not only long time, but also easy to cause pollution; Moreover, it is greatly affected by climate conditions, so it can't be carried out in cloudy or rainy days

Nowadays, most of the large-scale production of dried fish use drying equipment for drying; However, there are many types of drying equipment on the market now, and there is no standard for each type of drying equipment. The color and nutritional composition of dried fish baked through this process are also uneven; If coal boiler, oil boiler and firewood burning equipment are used for drying dried fish in the drying room, the temperature and humidity in the drying room are difficult to achieve self-control and fluctuate greatly in the drying process, affecting the drying quality

In the process of drying or drying dried fish, it is not urgent to separate fat from water. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause skin on the surface of dried fish, while if the temperature is too low, the fish is easy to smell; Therefore, in order to quickly produce high-quality dried fish products, it is necessary to control the temperature and humidity of the drying room or drying room, so that dried fish can be dried quickly; In order to solve the problems of poor drying quality, unsanitary, energy consumption, and the need for a large number of labor; The appliance here introduces an efficient and environment-friendly process for making dried fish:

_ Dried fish drying dehumidifier and PD series industrial dehumidifier control the humidity of dried fish drying room or drying room at about 30% RH; A corresponding air conditioner is installed to control the temperature at about 22-30 ℃, which can effectively ensure the temperature and humidity of dried fish in the drying process; The whole drying process has low energy consumption, effectively reducing the operation cost; In addition, there is no danger of overheating or burning in the drying process, which is safe and reliable and worth promoting; Whether it's rainy or sunny, you can make high-quality dried fish

_ Technical parameters and model selection reference of dried fish drying dehumidifier and PD series industrial dehumidifier:

Model A:_ dehumidification capacity: 28 (L/day) Power: 420 (W) B Model:_ dehumidification capacity: 58 (L/day) Power: 670 (W) C Model: PD-890C dehumidification capacity: 90 (L/day) Power: 1500 (W) D Model:_ Dehumidification capacity: 138 (L/day) Power: 2000 (W) E Model:_ Dehumidification capacity: 166 (L/day) Power: 2200 (W) F Model:_ Dehumidification capacity: 168 (L/day) Power: 2800 (W) G Model:_ Dehumidification capacity: 240 (L/day) Power: 4900 (W) H Model:_ Dehumidification capacity: 360 (L/day) Power: 7000 (W) I Model:_ Dehumidifying capacity: 480 (liters/day) Power: 9900 (W)_ The combination of dried fish drying dehumidifier, PD series industrial dehumidifier and air conditioner is close to natural drying. During the drying process, the fish will not be deformed, cracked, discolored, deteriorated, oxidized, dried thoroughly, with good rehydration property after drying, less loss of nutrients, and long storage period. Compared with any traditional drying methods and equipment, it is more effective to protect the color, fragrance, taste, individual form and effective ingredients of the dried products; It is pollution-free, efficient and energy-saving, and more in line with the requirements of environmental protection and health; It can be used to dry various aquatic products such as sea cucumber, squid, cuttlefish, kelp, seaweed, etc! All the necessary news information about the drying dehumidifier of dried fish and the dehumidification of dried fish drying room is provided by the electric appliance