September 06,2023


Household Dehumidifier_161 Series

Whether you want to enjoy the warm spring this year, you can use the dehumidifier to make a considerable change in the feeling of your home in order to solve the problem of condensation, humidity or mold in the space, or try to avoid spring allergy

We found the best way to use dehumidifier in spring

The floor is damp

Condensation, dampness, and mold

Spring has arrived, and everyone has gathered together, with high moisture content. Double showers, double cooking, and double clothing require washing and drying, and this impact is often stressful. These high levels of moisture in the home condense on cold surfaces and produce condensation. The dehumidifier absorbs moisture and collects it in water containers for safe handling, which in turn treats condensation, moisture, mold, and odor

Fact - PARKOO is a company that provides 100% condensation dehumidification guarantee. This means that if you are not completely satisfied that your Dehumidifier has solved your condensation, humidity or mold problems, you will receive a full refund. This confidence comes from more than ten years of experience and 1.25 million customers choose PARKOO Dehumidifier to eliminate humidity and mold in their homes

Home laundry room

Laundry room

There is no luxurious dryer, heat and air conditioning are the only way to dry your clothes. But this may take a long time, causing water to accumulate around the house. Dehumidifier is a good choice. Although other methods may be effective in dry cleaning clothes, they are usually expensive and costly to operate. The Dehumidifier can dry clean clothes, and can also provide a healthier home by reducing the excessive moisture in the air and its complications

Tips - Put your clothes in a small room with a Dehumidifier nearby. The use of a small room can make the Dehumidifier reduce the moisture in the air faster and achieve the best performance required for drying clothes

The smaller the enclosed use area of the Dehumidifier, the faster the dehumidification will be.

Pollen allergy. Using a dehumidifier can help reduce the amount of water that supports the growth of allergens and help prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses

The Dehumidifier can not only reduce the excess moisture in the air, but also reduce the allergies and other daily problems encountered. The core of solving problems as soon as possible is to experience a warmer and healthier home

PARKOO Dehumidifier is designed to meet the most stringent humidity/humidity control requirements, and can range from household dehumidification schemes to complex industrial engineering systems PARKOO has years of experience in dehumidification application engineering and has received relevant training to provide humidity and humidity control solutions for various industrial applications