May 21,2023

Transmission case lost foam coating drying and dehumidifying machine, fast drying without cracking

Air Conditioner_KY Series

The drying and dehumidifying machine for the lost foam coating on the gearbox shell is a fast drying and non cracking technology. In common lost foam drying processes, only long-term drying can completely dry the lost foam shell. The reason is that in common drying processes, natural air is often used to heat up through a heat exchanger or heater, and the moisture content in the natural air cannot be controlled. Especially in continuous cloudy and rainy weather, the humidity in the air is often high, and the hot air sent into the drying room often has a corresponding increase in humidity

This introduces an energy-saving drying method for lost foam water-based coatings, which is characterized in that the drying process uses an indoor temperature of around 40-50 ℃ in the drying room for drying. During the drying process, the PD-45GS lost foam coating drying dehumidifier and the PD series heating drying dehumidifier are used to assist in heating and condensing the circulating air in the drying room during the drying process

During the drying process, compared to traditional drying methods, the temperature is lower, less energy is used during the heating process, the cooling caused by moisture removal is avoided, and heat can be recycled. Therefore, the energy consumption during the drying process is reduced to a lower level

In this drying method, the drying room is no longer equipped with a moisture exhaust outlet. The humid and hot air is condensed using the condensation device of the PD-45GS lost foam coating drying dehumidifier and the PD series heating, drying, and dehumidification integrated machine. The condensation device absorbs the heat of the humid and hot air and transfers it to the heat exchange end using a thermal conductive medium. The condensed dry air is then reheated and sent back to the drying room

During the entire operation process, the heat loss is only the heat waste caused by the heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchanger during the heat conduction process, which can significantly reduce a large amount of heat waste compared to traditional methods and save about 80% of heating energy

After testing in multiple batches of experimental production, when the drying hot air is maintained at around 40-50 ℃, the air outlet of the drying room is fed into the hot air with a relative humidity of around 15-20% RH for constant temperature drying. The continuous operation for 6 to 8 hours can achieve the best drying quality of the lost foam shell coating. In all the experimental production conducted, the yield rate has reached over 99%