October 14,2022

Maintenance method of dehumidifier

The dehumidifier with full computer control and the humidity sensor are precision instruments, which will lead to instrument failure when used in highly corrosive gas and large dust environment When using the machine, use a special power supply, and pay attention to whether the voltage of the power supply is consistent with the machine. Do not use a socket together with other appliances

When installing the dehumidifier, a certain space should be kept around to ensure that the air outlet and inlet ducts are unblocked and dehumidified when the machine is running.

The dehumidifier must be used where all windows are closed to achieve the best results. Otherwise, if the windows are not closed tightly, the machine will not achieve the best dehumidification and drying purpose due to the convection of high humidity air and low temperature air.

After using the dehumidifier for a period of time, the dust filter screen at the air inlet will be full of dust, which will greatly affect the normal operation and dehumidification effect of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the cleaning of the dust filter screen frequently. When cleaning the dust filter screen, a small amount of detergent and water can be used to gently brush off the dust and oil stains on it with a soft brush, and then clean it with clean water.

When the dehumidifier is not used for a long time, unplug the power plug, clean the surface of the whole machine, and drain the accumulated water in the water storage tank to avoid bacteria.

Stop using the machine when the power supply voltage fluctuates greatly or is unstable.

In case of repeated startup, the machine must be shut down for 3 minutes to avoid damaging the compressor.

When the dehumidifier works continuously for a long time, it shall be shut down at least once a week. Do some general maintenance and inspection, such as whether the dust filter screen needs to be cleaned, whether the machine runs with abnormal sound, and how about the dehumidification effect.

Do not use the machine near the heat source to avoid increasing electric energy Do not use it in an environment higher than 38 ℃

When moving or handling the machine, the machine gradient should not exceed 45 ℃ If continuous drainage is used, properly handle the assembly of external drainage hose.

Due to its different structure and air conditioner, the temperature of this machine rises slightly when it is used in a narrow room. It is normal that the amount of dehumidification will be significantly reduced or even not dehumidified when used under low temperature

If the dehumidifier is used indoors for a long time, the dehumidification capacity will gradually decrease, indicating that the indoor humidity has decreased.

After moving, the dehumidifier should be put in a static state for four to six hours in advance before being started for use. Since the compressor pipeline in the dehumidifier contains cold coal, the cold coal must return to its original position after moving for four to six hours.

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