February 20,2023

You know what- It is very useful to install fresh air dehumidifier in the basement

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You know what? The installation of fresh air dehumidifier in the basement is very useful news. In the summer with high temperature and humidity, especially in the plum rainy season in July and August, many villa owners will encounter such problems. The already humid basement will become more humid, and even mildew and water seepage will occur

The basement of many villas is generally used as a gym, entertainment room, activity room, video room or storage room. Humidity will not only peel off the wall, distort the floor, mold the wooden furniture, but also accelerate the aging of electrical equipment, and the products stored in the storage room will also mildew

Not only is it damp, but also the basement is often poorly ventilated. If it is used as a gym, entertainment room, activity room, video room and other entertainment places, in addition to the above problems, under the double hidden dangers of damp and poor ventilation, the poor air environment in the basement will also bring hidden dangers to the health of family members. Especially the elderly and children with weak resistance are easy to induce or aggravate rheumatism, eczema skin diseases, asthma and other diseases

For living comfort and family health, moisture-proof measures must be taken in the basement of the villa. If you are also suffering from the humidity problem in the basement, you can take a look at the following moistureproof strategies

▲ Precautionary measures in the early stage: The main reason for the humidity of the basement is that a large amount of water in the outdoor soil will seep into the interior along the pores, cracks, wall pores, etc. in the basement building structure. All precautions should be taken first when the basement is decorated

1. External protection measures: after the construction of the basement enclosure wall, waterproof materials shall be used to waterproof the exterior wall of the enclosure

2. Internal protection measures: after the completion of the main decoration of the basement and the land reform project, all the floors and walls of the basement need to be treated with a waterproof treatment, such as pasting plates, painting emulsion paint, etc., to prevent liquid water from penetrating into the interior

3. Isolation measures: during the decoration of the basement, the wiring duct and keel are easy to damage the waterproof layer, so it is necessary to lay a new layer of bricks on the wall where the keel is installed and the wiring duct is opened for isolation, and finally lay a layer of concrete of appropriate thickness on the ground, so that the waterproof layer can be well protected

▲ The final solution in the later stage: Villas are generally close to mountains and rivers, or have very good greening. The air humidity brought by nature is much higher than that of ordinary residential areas. Even if prevention is done in the early stage, only the basement will not be allowed to seep and slightly alleviate the humidity. If the air humidity is to meet the standard suitable for human body, the health and mildew problems caused by humidity will be completely eliminated, Only professional dehumidification system can be installed

1. Because the dehumidification efficiency of ordinary floor type dehumidifiers is not efficient enough, the application area is small, and it is inconvenient to use the water tank manually, it is not suitable for the environment with high dehumidification pressure such as the basement

2. A better way is to install a central ceiling dehumidifier with pipeline design, which has high dehumidification efficiency, large application area, and the outlet water is automatically discharged out of the room through the pipeline, so that 24-hour intelligent dehumidification can be achieved

In addition, the basement is not only high in humidity, but also very turbid in air, so ventilation is important. In particular, the transformation into a basement related to leisure activities requires fresh and clean air to ensure human health

3. The best choice is to use a central fresh air dehumidifier with dual functions of fresh air and dehumidification. It can meet the dual needs of dehumidification and fresh air without installing two machines, which can easily save space, purchase costs and pipeline installation projects. Only a healthy fresh air dehumidifier can completely let the basement say goodbye to the humidity, enjoy dry and healthy air, and make home life more comfortable

PD668XF basement fresh air dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier can effectively remove excess moisture indoors, avoid humidity, and at the same time, it can also introduce purified fresh air indoors. It provides fresh air that has been sterilized, dedusted and filtered 24 hours a day, so that residents can also breathe fresh, clean and high-quality air indoors, It can save energy and protect environment while ensuring good indoor ventilation environment. In modern society, it is a pursuit of high-quality life and the most effective solution to the problem of indoor air pollution and humidity. Welcome to inquire Do you know? Fresh air dehumidifier installed in the basement is very useful details


PD668XF Basement Fresh Air Dehumidifier and Parkoo Series central fresh air dehumidifier All in One Functional Features:

◎ High efficiency dehumidification: adopt refrigeration dehumidification method, and the daily dehumidification amount can reach 28-88L

◎ Fresh air ventilation: it can be used together with fresh air pipes and air valves to introduce outdoor fresh air

◎ Purification and dedusting: at the same time of dehumidification, indoor air is purified to effectively remove pollution

◎ Three speed speed regulation: equipped with three speed centrifugal fan, the air volume can be adjusted in real time as required

◎ Intelligent operation: automatically adjust the operation mode according to indoor humidity and set humidity

◎ Energy saving: the dehumidification mode has low operating power, which can effectively save energy and protect the environment

◎ Automatic drainage: it has automatic drainage function, without manual operation and repeated water pouring

◎ Start delay: it has the function of three minute delay start to better protect the compressor

Technical parameters and model selection reference of PD668XF basement fresh air dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier:

PD668XF basement fresh air dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier are not only the best choice for ventilation and dehumidification of villas, townhouses and western-style houses; It is also very suitable for KTV, Internet cafes and other entertainment places where people have more activities and air changes, computer rooms, hotels, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, restaurants, school classrooms, kindergartens, hospital wards and other places. With it, you can enjoy fresh air 24 hours a day, all the time, and make your study, life, work and production environment more comfortable and healthy! See more Do you know? The useful details of installing fresh air dehumidifier in the basement are as follows: Hangzhou Parkoo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

To sum up, the air hygiene condition in the basement is closely related to the basement structure, area, decoration materials, etc. The following problems generally exist in the basement: the relative humidity is high, especially in the plum rain season, it is easy to breed various kinds of Newcastle bacteria and cause mildew; The closed air circulation in the basement is poor, the concentration of C02 in the air is high, the content of 02 is low, and the environmental comfort is extremely poor; Formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, radon, TV0C and other substances left in the decoration materials after decoration are mixed with the air, which are not easy to emit, and pose a serious hazard to human health

Control standard of basement air quality (air oxygen content, cleanliness) (oxygen content 21%, PM2.5<50); Humidity control standard (RH45% - 65%); The method to improve the air hygiene condition in the basement. In view of the situation that the air in the basement is not circulating, the air quality is poor, and the air humidity is high, the technical measures of forced ventilation and professional dehumidification - PD668XF basement fresh air dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier are required to improve the bamboo air quality in the basement to meet the requirements of comfortable use. Do you know about the above? All the useful news about the installation of fresh air dehumidifiers in the basement is provided by Mashima Electric for your reference and study