December 15,2022

Fresh goods atomizing and moisturizing machine, fresh fruits and vegetables fresh-keeping and moisturizing atomizing machine

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Fresh goods atomizing moisturizing machine, fresh fruits and vegetables fresh-keeping and moisturizing atomizing machine news information from south to north, from east to west; From supermarkets to specialty stores, from cafeterias to hot pot stores, all friends who operate fresh goods are aware of the importance of keeping fresh and moisturizing, and improving the appearance of fresh goods. What is fresh? As the name implies, it means fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and shrimp, etc; How to keep fresh? This problem has been tangled with supermarkets, specialty stores, hotels, hot pot stores, etc; Especially for fresh fruits and vegetables, their water content can reach about 65~96%, but since they are picked, they have lost their water supply, and will gradually lose water and freshness in storage, transportation and sales, resulting in dryness and wilting

It is understood that when the water loss of most fresh fruits and vegetables reaches about 5%, wilting and shrinking will occur; Normally, wilting and shrinking will occur as long as it is placed in a warm and dry environment for a few hours. Although some fruits and vegetables have not reached the wilting degree, their taste, crispness, color and flavor have changed; In addition, water loss will also cause weight loss of fresh fruits and vegetables. Even though their weight will continue to decrease, the weight of ordinary fresh fruits and vegetables will generally decrease by 2% - 7% within 24 hours. When the weight of fruits and vegetables decreases, it also affects the appearance and quality, and the weight is usually easier to quantify than the appearance and quality, resulting in direct economic losses

As we all know, fresh Shuiling fruits and vegetables are attractive; In today's era of beauty, is the fresh goods you are selling in your shop attractive? In fact, if you want to keep fresh fruits and vegetables for a longer time, the most important thing is to add water; In the past, traditional manual water spraying or soil sprinkling methods were used. I believe you have seen them in the vegetable market! Indeed, it can also have a certain effect; However, the problem of uneven spraying is easy to occur, and it will get wet everywhere. It may be used in the vegetable market, but it is obviously not feasible for supermarket, hotel restaurant and hot pot chain store

For this reason, many display cabinets, air curtain cabinets, serving tables, ordering tables and ice tables in supermarkets, hotel restaurants, hot pot restaurants and other places all over the country are equipped with SJ series fresh goods atomizing moisturizers and ZS series fresh keeping and moisturizing atomizers, which can work in a variety of modes. spray humidification is carried out regularly and quantitatively to the fresh fruits and vegetables storage areas to supplement their moisture. spray particles are delicate, It is more uniform, more efficient and easier to absorb than the traditional manual water spraying or sprinkling soil method; Due to its reliable quality and wide water supply, this series of models has been favored by many large chain fresh food supermarkets across the country. It is really the best choice for fresh fruit and vegetable operators to keep fresh and moisturized

It is worth mentioning that_ And_ The water storage tank of the fresh goods atomization moisturizing machine is made of stainless steel, and before the atomized water enters the water tank, the water is treated by an efficient water purification filter. Some large and medium-sized fresh fruit and vegetable supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and hot pot chain stores directly inject purified water to atomize spray moisturizing, which can not only keep fresh fresh for a longer time, but also ensure the health and safety of fresh fruits and vegetables; Therefore, it has been recognized by many fresh goods operators and consumers all over the country

  _ And_ In the body design, the fresh goods atomizing moisturizing machine adopts a stainless steel body, which is stable in operation and has strong durability; With small volume, good atomization effect, adjustable fog amount, convenient installation, simple operation and other functional characteristics, it is very suitable for spray humidification and fresh-keeping of fresh fruits and vegetables:

1. Extend the life of fruits and vegetables, maintain the fresh and tender color of fruits and vegetables, and improve the visual effect of fruits and vegetables

2. Keep the original taste of vegetables and fruits, prevent them from withering and yellowing, and prolong the freshness of vegetables

3. Avoid the loss of water and weight of fruits and vegetables, and increase the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables

4. Attract customers' desire to buy, increase their buying popularity, and increase their sales profits

  _ And_ The fresh goods atomization moisturizing machine can not only be installed in the air curtain cabinet, freezer, fresh-keeping cabinet, display cabinet, but also can be installed on the vegetable rack and platform to spray wet fresh vegetables and fruits, so as to achieve a very good fresh-keeping and moisturizing effect. Welcome to inquire the detailed information of fresh product atomizing moisturizer, fresh fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping and moisturizing atomizer! There are many kinds of atomized moisturizers, and the price and application range of different brands of atomized moisturizers will be different. We will provide you with comprehensive after-sales service and high-quality solutions.  

  _ And_ Technical parameters of fresh product atomization moisturizing machine:


Control mode of ZS-10 and ZS series fresh-keeping and moisturizing atomizers, technical parameters:

The common specifications and applicable length of SJ series fresh goods atomizing moisturizer and ZS series fresh-keeping and moisturizing atomizer are as follows:

1. SJ series: spray amount 3kg/h → single side 0~3.0m → double side 0~1.5m

2. ZS-10: spray amount 3kg/h → single side 0~3.0m → double side 0~1.5m

3. ZS-20: spray amount 6kg/h → single side 3.6~6.0m → double side 1.2~3.0m

4. ZS-30: spray amount 9kg/h → single side 5.0~9.0m → double side 2.4~5.0m

  5、_: Spray volume 12kg/h → single side 7.0~11.0m → double side 4.8~7.0m

6. ZS-60: spray amount 18kg/h → single side 12.0-18.0m → double side 7.0-12.0m

7. ZS-80: spray amount 24kg/h → single side 18.0~24.0m → double side 12.0~14.0m

See more fresh atomized moisturizers. The details of fresh fruits and vegetables fresh-keeping and moisturizing atomizers can be found in: Hangzhou Parkoo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

To sum up, the freshness and moisture preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables, from the traditional manual water spraying or water sprinkling method to the current moisture atomizer regular spray water supplement, have made more and more fresh goods operators keep fresh fresh fruits and vegetables for a longer time. For this reason, we now have a row of stainless steel pipes or green PVC pipes above the shelves of fresh green leafy vegetables in the fresh vegetable and fruit areas of some supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and hot pot restaurants, and wisps of fog will constantly emerge from the holes on the pipes, and then float above the vegetables. When you reach out, the fog is cool. Fresh vegetables and seafood will be frozen in the refrigerator. If they are directly placed at room temperature, they will easily wither or wrinkle. This spray moisturizing method can not only ensure the freshness of fresh vegetables and seafood for a long time, but also prevent vegetables and seafood from being frozen

It's cold, and it's the hot pot season again. The hot pot shop must not ignore the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables! Supermarket stores, hotel restaurants and hot pot restaurants may notice the freshness of leafy vegetables, but ignore the freshness of frozen meat and seafood. This problem exists in hotel cafeterias, hot pot restaurants, Malatang restaurants and string restaurants. And with SJ series fresh goods atomizing and moisturizing machine and ZS series fresh-keeping and moisturizing atomizing machine, you don't have to worry about fresh food, vegetables, fruits and small ingredients not fresh for long. The duration of spray can be adjusted in different seasons to ensure the humidity of the small environment in the food area and keep the food moist. The meat will not harden and discolor due to dryness, and the vegetables will wither and wither. Your business will certainly be more prosperous! All the above contents about fresh product atomizing and moisturizing machine, fresh fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping and moisturizing atomizing machine are provided by the electric appliance for your reference only