March 18,2023

Choose the right dehumidifier, not afraid to return to Nantian


If you choose the right dehumidifier, you are not afraid to return to the south. As friends who have lived in the south for a long time know, every spring is more terrible than the ups and downs of temperature. It is the hot and humid "returning to the south". Once you return to the south, people in the south will be empty. Because the floor, walls and furniture of the house are going to be flooded again

; Once the food and articles are forgotten to be stored in a sealed way, they are easily affected with damp and mildew; It is wet everywhere in the room, and the human body will feel very uncomfortable

The dehumidifier can realize the accurate control of humidity, create a reasonable humidity environment for home, office and industrial production, control the humidity within the ideal range of 40-60% RH, and prevent articles from being harmed by humidity. It is the most simple and effective method at present

01. (ZEDO) commercial dehumidifier:_/_/ PD880LB

is specially developed for 10 ㎡ - 150 ㎡ home and office environment to create a comfortable air environment

Various climatic factors, such as the rainy season in the plum blossom season and the weather in the south, are likely to cause the indoor environment to be damp, which in turn will induce the dampness of household items, the growth of mold, the spread of bacteria, etc., which will not only reduce the comfort of the home, but also pose a health threat, especially for the elderly and children with weak resistance, who are more prone to colds, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic arthritis and other diseases

(ZEDO), based on decades of R&D and production experience, updated and upgraded the classic household and commercial dehumidifiers, and launched DX series mobile dehumidifiers and DXD series ceiling dehumidifiers. In addition to the fashionable appearance, it also has multiple functions, such as powerful dehumidification, fast drying, air purification, ultra-low mute, one button smart start, 24-hour two-way timing, continuous drainage, etc., to effectively solve the problem of 10 ㎡ - 150 ㎡ of wet living, office and entertainment spaces, create a comfortable environment with a humidity of 40% - 60%, and ensure your quality of life

02. (ZEDO) industrial dehumidifier:_/_/_/_/_/_

It is specially suitable for large industrial environments of more than 200 m2, with strong dehumidification and efficient drying

Whether the air humidity is up to the standard will cause great losses to the production workshops and warehouses of enterprises, especially the wood, tobacco, tea, food, clothing, paper, electronic equipment and other industries due to the mildew, deterioration and rust caused by humidity; For public entertainment places such as underground parking lots and indoor swimming pools, the wet ground and rust of equipment caused by humidity also pose a threat

(ZEDO) CFZ series industrial dehumidifier adopts cold rolled plate epoxy spraying, sheet metal thickening design, door latch design, Hitachi/Mitsubishi/Daikin compressor, and new layout of the two devices. It can quickly improve the humidity of places, and can freely set the humidity according to the humidity requirements of different places, creating a production, storage and public entertainment environment with appropriate humidity

03. Customization of (ZEDO) non-standard dehumidifiers

For some special environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, corrosive, constant temperature and humidity, flammable and explosive and other special industrial environments, conventional dehumidifiers cannot meet the dehumidification effect and safety requirements

(ZEDO) adheres to the spirit of Chinese craftsmen, focuses on the R&D and production of equipment in the field of air temperature and humidity, and provides reasonable air temperature and humidity solutions with trustworthy product processes, professional technical teams and high-quality services