June 13,2023

Electrostatic dehumidifier in the factory, effective measures to eliminate static electricity in the factory

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It is well known that the factory dehumidifier and effective measures for eliminating static electricity in the factory are technical trends. When the industrial workshop is relatively dry, static electricity is easy to appear, especially in the electronic workshop. Once static electricity is accumulated to a certain extent and discharged, electronic components will be broken down, affecting their normal use

In addition, the charge difference absorption also causes dust to be adsorbed on electronic components, which is prone to poor contact and affects the use. Therefore, the use of industrial humidifiers for humidification in the electronic workshop can effectively remove static electricity and dust, and improve the yield

How much humidity is appropriate to eliminate static electricity? Generally, if the workshop is too dry and dry, static electricity is easy to occur, because static electricity can easily be generated by friction in a dry environment. After discharge, normal production and processing will be affected, including equipment and product quality. Therefore, in order to control the humidity of the workshop, many workshops will install industrial humidifiers to increase humidity and keep it constant, block the conditions for generating static electricity, and ensure the normal production and processing of the workshop

When the air humidity in the workshop is below 40% RH, static electricity will easily occur, and the appropriate humidity range for many workshops is above 40% RH, such as the humidity in the textile workshop is between 65-75% RH, the humidity in the printing workshop is between 55-65% RH, the humidity in the electronic workshop is between 40-60% RH, and the humidity in the spraying workshop is between 40-80% RH. The humidity required by different industries can well avoid the generation of static electricity

Industrial humidifiers used to eliminate static electricity in workshops, such as ZS-80Z factory electrostatic dehumidifier and ZS series intelligent ultrasonic industrial humidifier, are characterized by fast humidifying, small atomized particles, uniformity, low energy consumption, and wide application range. They have good functions of humidifying, cooling, dedusting, and removing static electricity in various industrial workshops

The humidification and electrostatic removal of industrial humidifiers are generally reflected through two convenient ways: one is that the humidity is higher than 40% RH, which blocks a condition for electrostatic generation; Second, the spray contains a large number of negative oxygen ions, which will neutralize the positive charge and effectively avoid the accumulation and release of static electricity

Whether it is a textile workshop, an electronic workshop, a painting workshop, or a printing workshop, the selection of industrial humidifiers should refer to the workshop area, ventilation, initial humidity, humidification demand, product type, working conditions, etc. to determine the type, model, and quantity of equipment, and the installation should be carried out after the scheme is determined. Customers can choose to install by themselves. Industry also has an experienced team to provide technical guidance, which is convenient and fast