Why does the marine industry need to use Dehumidifier-

High humidity in marine industry can be dehumidified with the help of special marine Dehumidifier. The growth of marine industry in any country is a healthy sign of the development of the trade indust...

High humidity in marine industry can be dehumidified with the help of special marine dehumidifier. The growth of marine industry in any country is a healthy sign of the development of the trade industry. If high humidity becomes an obstacle in this growth, then effective dehumidifiers should be used for dehumidification. The marine industry will always be near saltwater. The ship is exposed to high humidity air during navigation and construction. Metal and expensive marine electronic equipment need to be protected by high-quality ship Dehumidifier. In this article, we will discuss why dehumidifiers are needed in the marine industry and which components require more attention

Why does the marine industry need to use a Dehumidifier Sea freight transportation is one of the most economical and efficient ways to transport well-equipped goods from around the world. Large seaports are equally important for export-oriented economies as manufacturing industries. One of the important catalysts for China's rapid development is the efficient, economical and reliable maritime transportation system. Whenever a large cargo ship transports goods from one port to another, the destination port after unloading the goods will be cleaned. If weather conditions do not support it, the drying of these ships will require more time, which may result in significant commercial losses. If the marine Dehumidifier is installed in a wet place, it can help dry the hull quickly Most special goods need to be stored in low humidity environments. Marine storage dehumidifiers are typically used to avoid condensation. If the goods are colder than the humid air in the warehouse, condensation of humidity will occur. Due to the consistently high humidity during navigation near the sea, the water generated by condensation is significantly higher, which may physically damage any cargo. In addition to these special goods, such as tobacco and some chemical materials, cars require a low humidity environment during transportation

Why does the marine industry need to use Dehumidifier-

Modern ships are equipped with high-quality sensitive electronic and navigation equipment. The failure of these devices not only causes temporary delays, but also poses a threat to the safety of ships. Many of the time failures of these devices are caused by high humidity. High humidity can alter the readings of many sensors, otherwise electronic devices may be damaged due to condensation. For example, it is strongly recommended to equip the deck area where all electronic and navigation equipment are installed with marine Dehumidifier. The ship pump room shall be equipped with a powerful industrial dehumidifier, which shall be used to remove the high humidity in the coastal air and conduct drainage treatment in the pump room

It is very important to provide pleasant cabin for staff and tourists during cargo ships or luxury cruise ships. Due to the intake of high humidity air in the cabin, the cabin often becomes very humid. Therefore, for passenger cabins, ship dehumidifiers or ocean dehumidifiers should be provided. In all luxury cruise ships, you will find that there are special Dehumidifier that provide cabins

During regular maintenance of ships and Storage tank or containers, sand blasting and painting/spraying operations are carried out. During these processes, 100% fresh air from the outside is required. If the humidity in fresh air is high, it can cause adhesion and corrosion problems. Therefore, large-scale pipeline dehumidification equipment is used to supply dry dehumidifying air

The characteristics that ship dehumidifiers should have

Marine dehumidification equipment should have the following characteristics:

Light weight: Dehumidifier should be light in weight and easy to transport

Compact size: considering the very small deck and cabin, the Dehumidifier should be as small as possible

Wheels: Portable Dehumidifier should not have wheels, because it can move during shock due to navigation. Even if there are components with wheels, those wheels should still be lockable Energy efficiency: Ships are equipped with limited sources of electricity. The dehumidification unit shall be energy-saving

Pump and continuous drainage: The Dehumidifier shall have continuous drainage facilities connected with hoses and equipped with drainage pumps

Portability: The marine Dehumidifier should be handled and carried by both parties